SHARK XRc Hovercraft

Offered to the world as a result of 10 years of development and technological innovation, the SHARK XRc is an outstanding personal hovercraft with fully enclosed comfortable seating for up to 6 persons offering outstanding performance, sound engineering, comfort, finest accesoirs, best materials, breathtaking design and unbeaten specs in its class. The SHARK XRc Hovercraft is one of the most outstanding personal hovercrafts manufactured in series. The SHARK XRc Hovercraft embodies mature hovercraft technology at the technological forefront which converts it into a Super Hovercraft.

German engineering

- 290HP

- comfortable seating

- Epoxy/glass/Carbon/Kevlar composite

- Hydraulic, auto-adjustable lift fan transmission

- Hydraulic steering

- High-end interiors

- High end instrumentation